Tales of Manliness and Veracity

I sometimes struggle with depression. It's not fun. I've recently been struggling with a bout of it. It's worse that just feeling down or feeling bad, it's like being unable to feel or think. My senses deaden, I can't sleep, and I ache all the time. But I'm getting better.

My depression is actually caused by an anxiety disorder. If I don't manage my stress levels properly, then I get depressed, and if I keep having problems, then I end up with physical complications. This depression is more than just a mental thing, it's physical. And it sucks.

So, I'm taking it upon myself to begin learning more about how to overcome and manage the stresses I have to deal with. If I need to take on myself less, then I will. If I need to take more on, then I will. If I just need to take a breath every once in a while, then I will. I've got to keep moving forward. Just like a drill.

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