I sometimes struggle with depression. It's not fun. I've recently been struggling with a bout of it. It's worse that just feeling down or feeling bad, it's like being unable to feel or think. My senses deaden, I can't sleep, and I ache all the time. But I'm getting better.

Hey, TAYmates! In order to move away from this lot of drama that we've been having, I'd like to suggest putting together a charity stream. I'm not quite sure who we'd be donating to, but a nice little stream to raise money for some people in need would help the community mend a bit.

Dang, I really enjoy the way that the new D&D is set up. So much optional customization.... Racial customization, class customization, skills and background customization, etc. I'm getting goosebumps.

This biggest problem with optimists is that too many optimists just believe that good things will happen, and they don't do anything to make those good things happen. Try reaching beyond yourself instead of just hoping for something good.

I ended up with a little chuck of expendable cash from my recent birthday. Unusually, I don't feel like buying anything with it. I'm typically the kind of person whose extra cash burns a hole in my wallet. Well, I really don't have anything I really want to buy. I could put money down on Dragon Age: Inquisition, but…

Nothing beats sitting in your unfurnished apartment while waiting for beds to be delivered, and then having those beds delivered to your house and calling and complaining and finally, hours later, those beds are properly delivered to your apartment. Guh.

Maybe I'm just a cynical jerk, but I really don't understand the trope about not moving on when you tell someone that you like them and they say they don't like you or that they're in love with someone else. Seriously. I don't understand it. I know that I am abnormal at best, so maybe that's what makes me do what I…


I just had the weirdest dream of my life. A bunch of people in Team Rocket uniforms (and a few in other random uniforms) stood up holding heels of white bread and sang "Mystery, oh sweet mystery, we raise our arms to thee." And that was the entire thing.

VotV: Tanks.

A lot of MOBA-esque games seem to have problems with two kinds of characters, tanks and supports. Well, as you can tell from the title, this post is not about supports (that one I'll really need to think about). But, tanks, those I can figure out.